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Hardscaping in Ada County the Treasure Valley

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Hardscaping in Nampa, and the rest of the Treasure Valley area

Hardscaping encompasses a lot of skills and sometimes different trades all in one. Decorative rock walls are a quick way to spruce up a front or backyard. Natural stone is beautiful by itself but when building a wall can give a lifetime of beauty. Most retaining walls that are decorative are no more than 6 feet tall usually and can be installed as an accent wall by itself or can be added to other features that are potentially existing in the landscape. Another part of hardscaping is outdoor sitting areas, patios, walkways, columns, fire pits, and outdoor entertainment setting such as kitchens and barbecues.        


These outdoor entertainment areas can be created with many different kinds of materials. Some of the materials I use to create these outdoor spaces are cinder block, mortar, OSB, steel stud, cement board, thin-set, and pavers to name a few. Outdoor fire pits add a nice touch and can be enjoyed for a long time as a family gathering place. Traditional fire pits can be created out of stacked stone or manufactured stone after setting the outline of the pit in block or concrete. They can also be created out of retaining wall block/paver blocks as well as a brick with the prep work being the same for stone. Fire pits can be incorporated into a patio or decorative rock area or just by themselves.         

Outdoor patios look like the best-using pavers and there are endless designs that can be created to fit the desired look and vision of the customer. There is also a wide variety and colors of pavers that can be used in different applications and different prices to fit each customer's budget. Although paver patios are usually the most expensive way to go with both materials and labor they are also the most lasting and aesthetically pleasing when installed properly. One of the most notable qualities of pavers is their durability and lasting quality. If certain areas are hit heavily with the sun or other weather, sealers can be used to lock in the color and beauty of the patio, walkway, or other outdoor attraction as well as add longer life to the project. Pavers are also the most versatile material when choosing between concrete or asphalt. When a patch, repair, or just an addition is needing to be made too many times the patch or repair cannot be hidden and colors will be different from the original install. Not so with pavers. Pavers can be pulled up in the desired area, whether there is settling an addition of conduit or sprinkler lines or your just looking to extend your patio or walkway. No home is complete without a walkway or paver patio!


Columns can be added to the outdoor facade using many materials also. Some of the common outdoor materials are stone (real and manufactured), pavers, block, and even tile. Columns can be added for structure or just for aesthetics. Lighting can also be added to the top of columns to add another dimension to the outdoor living space. Simply put there are many ways to dress up your landscape that can be done on a moderate budget that will add value to the home and the memories made with it.