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Masonry is my Passion and the Treasure Valley is my home


Masonry is a trade that has been going on since literally the beginning of time. There are many materials used depending on the application and need of the project. For contractors, masonry is normally divided into 2 groups. The bigger companies might focus on just commercial projects while residential jobs are what the small business owner(s) go after. There are certain contractors that specialize in just one or two parts of the masonry trade while others encompass the whole trade. AB Masonry & Landscape focuses on these residential projects as well as custom jobs and small commercial. I’m not limited to just one area of the trade and provide the skills to accomplish almost any project that a customer has.


Some of the most common materials used to accomplish these jobs are stone (real and manufactured), block (many different sizes, styles, colors, and shapes) brick, and thin brick (also many different colors, sizes, and styles). These materials can be used indoors or outdoors. Some of the common place’s masonry is done on interior designs is fireplaces and accent walls. On the exterior, it is very common for there to be a wainscot of masonry around the front of the house or all the way around.


I have had the opportunity to do hundreds of jobs and none of them have been exactly the same. That is what makes this trade so exciting and challenging at the same time is no 2 jobs are the same. Masonry is truly a creative trade that when installed properly is a work of art in itself. With endless designs, if it can be thought up, it can be created.


Manufactured stone can beautify any home and there are stone selections to fit almost any budget. Stone adds a long-lasting quality that can be enjoyed for a long time. Stone fireplaces are a timeless work of art as well as accent walls and arches. Manufactured stone when installed properly can look just like real stone that came from mother earth.


Natural stone is the pinnacle of stone. Its beauty cannot be matched and putting the pieces together creates a work of art. Natural stone is harvested in quarries straight from the earth and normally makes a long journey before it arrives at the customer's home. Natural stone is heavier than manufactured and sometimes requires different structural requirements based on its location in the home and its use. There are many different shapes, sizes, and colors of natural stone and it can be used interior or exterior as well.


Brick one of the most common masonry materials that can be used any place in the home. I have had the privilege of installing many fireplaces and some of the most stunning were done out of brick. Brick gives an old-world style that is unmatched. Although the skills it takes to lay brick are becoming a dying art it is nonetheless one of the most stunning looks. There are many sizes and colors to choose from and can be installed interior or exterior.


Thin brick has come on the scene and has been a game-changer for a lot of contractors. You get all the benefits of the brick look and beauty with thin brick plus the benefits of the material not being as heavy and more versatile. Thin brick can be used in several more areas within the home than traditional brick and can be used. Such as backsplashes in kitchens and laundry rooms as well as accent walls throughout the home or business. Thin brick is installed in a similar way as tile but is also installed like a manufactured stone. Interior or exterior thin brick is another great choice for any homeowner.


Lastly, block or cinder block is known for its strength and structural qualities as well as its beauty. When people think of block, they might not think of beauty but with several shapes, sizes and colors many new modern-day homes are using 4” block for a wainscot around a home or even on a fireplace. Split face block is another pleasing design that can be laid as a retaining wall or enclosure to keep pets in or people out. Block is used in fencing, building walls to hold up the roof of a home or building as well as for decorative purposes. Block is priced reasonably and can be an alternative to other more expensive materials.

Thin brick

Traditionally, this type of brick is lightweight and is a veneer that is used to replace the thicker, basic brick. We use this type of brick to give the appearance of a traditional clay brick. They are more cost effective and provide the ...


Traditional brick has a rustic and clean look that can give an old world feel to a more modern look. Brick looks great on exterior walls as well as fireplaces and beautifies any home.


Real stone to manufactured stone can be used in many different ways. They are used inside on accent walls and fireplaces as well as exterior designs that include archways, wainscots and columns. There is nothing more appealing than the look ...


Can be used in structural applications as well as a shell for retaining walls, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces to privacy walls. Block come in several shapes, colors and designs to improve any landscape.